Yoga Home Practice Sequence For Beginners – The Sun Salutation

Start Your Day Right With This Simple Yoga Home Practice Sequence

Yoga Home Practice SequenceWhile it is no secret that yoga comes with numerous physiological benefits, among the most important ones is improving flexibility. The human muscles are not static tissues, which mean, by nature, it moves, contracts and expands. As the muscles in the body become more flexible, you will be able to increase your range of motion.

The other equally significant benefit of yoga is the increase in muscle strength. Many yoga poses require your muscles to hold your weight, which definitely counts as an effective form of resistance training.

For beginners who want to bring their yoga practice at home, the sun salutation is the easiest and most basic yoga home practice sequence.

Yoga Home Practice Sequence

Yoga Sun Salutation

Step 1

Stand erect with your both feet on the floor. Bring your hands in prayer position, palm to palm at chest level. Make sure your body weight is distributed evenly on both feet. Exhale.

Step 2

 Raise both hands upward with palms facing overhead. Stretch your muscles by slowly bending backward. Inhale.

Step 3

Perform a forward bend by bringing both hands to feet. Your hands should be aligned with your toes. If you have difficulty achieving this position, you can slightly bend your knees. Exhale.

Step 4

Step back moving your right foot backward and lower your right knee to the floor. You should now be in a lunge position with both palms flat on the floor. Inhale.

Step 5

Extend both feet backwards, using your toes and hands to support your weight. Fully extend your arms so you are in a board position or as if you are about to perform a push-up. Hold breath.

Step 6

Maintaining the same position, lower your knees, chest and chin to the floor. Exhale.

Step 7

Gently drop the rest of your lower body to the floor. Extend both arms and slowly bend backwards. Press chest forward and roll your shoulders backward. Inhale.

Step 8

Bring hips and buttocks upward to create an inverted V shape position, keeping both feet and hands firmly planted on the ground. Exhale.

Step 9

Lunge forward by bringing your right knee forward and your left leg fully extended backward. Both hands should be planted on the floor. Inhale.

Step 10

Straighten up your body in a standing position and slowly bend your upper body. Your hands should be holding your ankle. If you have difficulty achieving this position, you can slightly bend your knee. Exhale.

Step 11

Bring your upper body upward to resume to standing position. Raise both arms upward and slowly bend backwards. Inhale.

Step 12

Assume the straight body position and bring both hands back to the chest in a prayer position. Exhale.

Understand that it can take a while before you can perfect each pose and have the flexibility to perform each pose fluidly. Make sure not to push your body too much to the point of feeling extreme discomfort or pain. Try to incorporate this yoga home practice sequence in your daily routine and enjoy renewed vigor and enhanced strength over time.

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