Breathing, Healing, Loving, And Living Yoga

Discover What Living Yoga Truly Means

Discover Your True Potential Living YogaWhether you have just recently discovered yoga or you are intent on fortifying your yoga daily practice, you are probably well aware of the physiological benefits of yoga as well as its psychological benefits.

So tell me, have you come across people who radiate so much joy and vibrance, living their lives with so much confidence and purpose?

Do you secretly wish you could also have that sense of empowerment? Then it’s about time you truly discover the full potential of living yoga and work up the enthusiasm for life through yoga.

My Personal Story

For years, I have tried to stick to my yoga daily practice, which I must admit have been quite challenging given the fact that I am constantly traveling. Years ago, I remember waking up in morning after about several months of practicing yoga and felt completely at peace. At first, I could not immediately give a name of the feeling because it felt so unique and at the same time bizarre.

I got up and immediately felt the sense of lightness and total state of awareness of everything – from my breathing to the feel of the hardwood floor against my feet. I even remembered wondering if this inner calmness and confidence is fleeting or is this something that is boundless. I feel boundless energy and encompassing love – as if I am becoming one with the universe. It’s that feeling that seems to lift you from within and radiating outwards – making you feel whole, complete. This is the full potential of living yoga – something that you too can tap into.

Nurturing Your Authentic Self

Living yoga allows you to fully reap the great benefits of this practice that goes beyond the physical.  I have come up with a few tips on how you can better connect with your inner self and use that sense of power and inner purpose to be the best that you can be, for yourself and for the people around you.

Love Your Ego

To Emanate Love, Start From Living YourselfIf you have fully embraced yoga daily practice or at least have attended a number of yoga classes in the past, you have probably come across lectures on living life experiences with calmness and equanimity.

Whatever phase you are in or situation you deal with, you should neither be critical nor overly conceited.

Living yoga in the fullest sense of the word teaches us to go beyond your ego – the part that helps us define and limits our identity. However, in order to go to that state, it is important that we learn to offer our ego unconditional love, compassion and acceptance. As you grow more aware of your own self and really listen to your own thoughts, you learn to offer yourself kindness and love, which naturally radiates from within.


Living yoga helps you combat life’s stresses. Adrenaline and cortisol, known as the stress hormones, are pumped into the body through the parasympathetic nervous system as its response to stress or perceived danger. Studies have revealed that deep breathing can significantly reduce the body’s stress response.

In a sense, living yoga empowers your body to combat stress and be able to respond to challenges with greater confidence and clear vision of the outcome you want.

Grow Your Awareness

Instead of focusing on your fears and apprehensions, direct your mind’s focus on empowering, peace-inducing thoughts.  Be more aware of your thoughts and feelings and take full control of it, instead of allowing it to rule your actions or your life.  The thoughts that you focus on breathe life into your reality. Make sure you choose to dwell on the positive and not the negative.

Living yoga is not a miracle cure or a magic solution. It is not something that you acquire like a material thing, but something that you grow, nurture and develop as it focuses on strengthening and honing something that is already within you.

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  1. I’m actually planning on trying yoga again! This AntiGravity Yoga for instance is becoming a tad too popular, but nonetheless, I just want to try yoga (the simple ones) since I miss the calming effect that it has. great post btw 🙂

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