Yoga – The Walk Of Life

Yoga The Walk of Life

Yoga. What’s its purpose? Why practice yoga instead of something else which is a physical activity designed to exercise, strengthen and limber up your body.

Here’s what I say when people ask me why…

“Yoga is life. Life is yoga.”

So then, some people ask, “Whats the purpose of life?”.

There are more than 6.7 billion people on Earth at this time and needless to say, each individual is significantly different and unique from the next. We each have different aspirations, goals, needs, wants, perspectives and ways of doing things.

“But where does it all come together then?”, some people ask.

Valid question. Where does it all intersect and make sense for all of us, or is it even supposed to in the first place?

Are we each just an individual put here with the intention to live our own individual life and go after our own needs and wants in this world?

Or, are we each here for a collective purpose? Is life as we know it the gift we’ve been given to realize, live and experience a far greater purpose than we originally imagined?

Here’s a fantastic and moving video I’d like to share with you which will undoubtedly help you connect with whatever greater meaning you will give about your walk of life.

Watch this and share your comments below..

Yoga – The Walk Of Life

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