Yoga Studio For Rent or Sale Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya

Looking For An Awesome Yoga Studio For Rent?

If you’ve been thinking about or looking around for a yoga studio to set up your yoga business in, you’ve found it here.

All renovations have been done to make it look and feel like a warm and comfortable yoga studio. I’ve even installed full height mirrors in one section of the yoga studio.

I’m currently renting the space and have done all the renovations myself but am now looking for someone to take over and rent the renovated yoga studio. You’ll be saving the hassle of renovating or doing up a new shop lot by yourself and can save time. You can literally walk in, and set up your yoga business, with minimal adjustments, and begin marketing your yoga business.

This yoga studio has been my “baby” the last 3 years and I’ve put a lot of care and thought into it.

Advantages Of Choosing To Rent This Yoga Studio

I’ve partitioned sections of the yoga studio for use of an office, and there’s even a small, cozy bedroom, if you’d like to stay or live here.

Especially if you’re a single guy or gal wanting your own place to rent, and at the same time looking to begin your own yoga business, this will be perfect for you!

There’s already a section and rack for yoga students to store their belongings.

There’s a simple yoga equipment rack which you could put yoga blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks on. Currently there is some equipment already here which I could include in this rent.

And like I’ve already mentioned, the full height mirrors will be handy in helping students make the adjustments they need.

Marketing For Your Yoga Studio If You Rent This Space

Easy! Tesco will be doing all the marketing for you!

It’s right opposite the studio and all you need is your yoga business sign up, and voila, passers-by and Tesco-goers will get to know your studio pretty quick.

Why Is This Post Also Titled Yoga Studio For Sale

Well, since I have invested a significant amount in making this feel and look like a proper, warm and comfortable yoga studio, and made a partitioned office space within it, AND even a comfortable bedroom for one or two people to stay in, I’m basically offering up this yoga studio for rent to someone who’s willing to take up the sale or the renovations I’ve done.

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  1. I am interested in either renting or buying a yoda studio in KL or Damansara area. Please contact me via email. Thank you

    • Hi Stephanie, unfortunately I’ve had to move out of and return this shop back to the owner. Thanks and good luck

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