Yoga Workshop – April 2015

Yoga Workshop - Kuala Lumpur - Petaling Jaya

Key Fundamentals Yoga Workshop

Coming up! You’ve been waiting for it. It has arrived.

In April 2015, Serenity Yoga Center, in Ara Damansara (Petaling Jaya) will be running an awesome workshop for you to come join.

This workshop will be focusing on important basic principles of yoga that are often forgotten, not emphasized enough or not paid attention to. These key principles, when paid attention to and applied consistently with each yoga practice session will allow you to naturally gain more.

You will find your body naturally wanting to heal, re-align itself quicker, release long-held tension, aches and pain, if you learn these important basics and apply them during each yoga session of yours.

Yoga has developed so much and so fast over the last 10 years that for many people it has become simply another way to “workout” their physical body.

Well, here’s something to think about…

If you’re going to spend X amount of time practicing yoga, you would want to gain the most value and benefit from your yoga practice, wouldn’t you?

Come learn what you may have been missing out on (just as I was before), and discover how much more inspirational, energizing and fulfilling yoga can be.

Keep a lookout for the launch and sign up quick!

See you soon!

P.S. – This yoga workshop will be held at the Serenity Yoga Center, 1st Floor, No. 45, Block F, Jalan PJU 1A/3A, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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    • Hi Davin. Sorry at the moment we’re not offering regular group classes. But you can feel free to join one of our upcoming workshops where you’ll really get a whole lot of value from and many distinctions you wouldn’t usually get from group classes. If you’d like that, fill up the form so we know to let you know when the next workshop is. Hope to see you soon.

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