Yoga Practice While On A Trip

Yoga During Business TravelTraveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure can throw off your daily routine. If you have even been on a diet, chances are, when you are out and about in a foreign country, you tend to throw caution in the air and indulge in local cuisines. Sounds familiar?

Fitness regimens can also be disrupted when you are on the road. This is especially true for business trips. Too often business trips are fraught with stressful and frantic energy, which can disrupt not only your yoga practice but more importantly your inner balance.

However, instead of viewing these business trips as a major disruption to your yoga practice, how about you recognize it as a perfect opportunity to actually practice yoga. In the previous articles I have discussed about performing yoga in the office, so now, let us look into the possibility of incorporating your yoga practice while on a business trips.

You will find out that sticking to your yoga routine actually makes a lot of sense. If you want to be in your ‘peak’ state while you interact and transact business, here are some ideas on how you can continue your yoga practice while away from home:

Get Some “Me” Time

Instead of having to contend with chores, bills and other daily living obligations when you come home, staying at a hotel gives you that seemingly elusive ‘me’ time.  For many people, they choose to simply relish the luxurious feel of the hotel sheets and watch TV. Why not use this time to focus on your yoga practice and enjoy 30- or even 60-minute routine without any interruptions.

The Perfect Quiet Space

If you have kids around the house, then you are probably familiar of the fact that some peace and quiet in the home can be a luxury. Instead of watching TV, maximize your time by finding that quite space to go through your yoga routine.

Relieve The Usual Aches And Pains Of Travel

Traveling, whether by land or by plane can take its toll on the body. The busy schedules, heavy luggage, cramped space and stress can produce some familiar aches and pains. Your yoga practice presents the best way to loosen up and wind down after a hectic day. For those who have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar environment, there are certain yoga poses that can promote better sleep.

Check Out Yoga DVDs and Yoga Online Videos

I have talked to a lot of people who seem to act like a fish out the water when they are away from their comfort zone. Instead of the usual excuses like I don’t have a yoga mat or I can’t memorize my yoga sequence, go ahead and check out online yoga videos and DVDs! You will be surprised to find out there are non-traditional ways of advancing your yoga practice beyond your home and outside your yoga class.

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