Yoga Practice For Life Balance

Achieving Life Balance Through Yoga Practice

lifebalanceHave you ever come across someone who seems to have it together and everything appears to be in synced in his/her life?

While most people scramble and fumble with every curve balls life throws their way, there are certain individuals who seem to achieve that elusive life balance.

Before we pursue life balance, it is important that we understand what it means and how you can use your yoga practice to achieve and sustain that inner balance that will provide you an enlightened perspective of yourself, your body, your mind, spirit and emotions.

What Is Life Balance?

True and lasting happiness greatly lies in the harmony, rhythm and balance in your life.

A lot of people seek life balance, but only a few take the time to understand what it really is. For many, they believe that life balance is a state of body and mind, when everything seems to fall in to place and where everything looks, feels and seems stable and perfect. This may surprise you, but this is not what life balance is all about. If your idea of a perfect and balanced life is one without problems, then know that kind of life does not exist for anyone. In addition, such life will not allow you to grow and evolve as a person.

What Life Balance Is Not

Life balance is not about having a perfect day every single day of your life. It is also not about juggling all aspects of your life and giving everything equal attention. Nor does it simply involve fitting everything into your schedule or finding the right solution to every problem.

Life Balance Is A Personal Journey

Life balance is a personal journey you make every single day of your life. It is made up of steps you take to stay in balance. This is why your yoga practice plays a very important role as it helps you stay calm, focused and centered, something you will need to take on every day challenges. Because whether we like it or not, there will always be something or someone who will try to push you out of your balance.

Life balance is also about cultivating the right attitude towards life.  It is about having the right mindset. Time and again, I have stressed the importance of meditation in yoga practice. By learning how to quiet your mind and staying centered, you will become better in touch with your real self and have a clear vision of what you want and need in your life.

Life balance is also about having the ability to focus, something that yoga practice is known to cultivate. It is important that you are clear about your priorities and how much time and attention you need to devote for each.

And lastly, life balance is about having the right foundation – your core belief. This is the very foundation that will drive you to move forward, get up in the morning, bounce back from a blow and stay motivated despite the odds in your way. Life your yoga practice, life balance is a very personal journey towards self discovery and empowerment.

Why Life Balance Is Important?

Attaining life balance is very important, especially in light of the noise and distractions in the modern world today. The ability or inability to achieve this balance will affect the very quality of your actions, thoughts, feelings and ultimately affect the quality of your life and our relationships with people around us.

With life balance fortified through yoga practice, you can focus your energy to create amazing things and fulfill exciting goals and dreams, most of which lay dormant for years. But in order to take your yoga practice to the next level and realize your full potential, it is important that you understand and determine what you really want, what is stopping you, and commit to taking the necessary steps to affect that lasting change you need in your life.

Often, this is very difficult or even impossible to achieve on your own. This is because the journey involves unraveling and confronting deep seated fears as well as identifying self limiting beliefs. It is part of our human nature to stick to what is predictable and comfortable, often living in mediocrity and staying in a world with limited choices. An enlightened yoga practice that goes beyond the physical aspects can help you address as well as overcome these limiting beliefs.

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