Yoga For Beginners: Be Poised For Success

Learn Yoga Tips For Beginners On Standing Tall Against Bad Posture

Yoga For Goof PostureGrowing up, you probably had more than your fair share of reminders from your mom on your posture, right?

Don’t slouch!”

“Stand up straight.”

As it turns out, mothers really know best!

Attract Success By Projecting Success

You may not appreciate the way your mom carped you about correcting your posture while growing up, but she merely wants you to grow up as a successful, confident adult. You see, posture, the way you carry your body and how you project yourself to others play a pivotal role to your success.

In fact, according to the recent study conducted and published by Psychological Science on their January 2011 issue, one’s ability to open up his/her body and occupy space, or what is termed as “posture expansiveness” effectively activates one’s personal sense of power in mind. This does not influence the person but also how others around him/her behave. It can dictate who is in charge.

Posture Affects Behaviors

Studies have also revealed that it is actually posture and not roles or job designations that activate human power related behaviors. For instance, in the experiment, it was found out that people with expansive postures were shown to use more power words and took proactive actions compared to others with more constricted posture.

Posture Affects Moods

In the study conducted at New York’s Hobart and William Smith College, it was found out that the simple folding of arms can unconsciously activate the desire to succeed and increase perseverance. This suggests that we can control our moods and mental states by becoming more aware of our posture. This is because posture evokes internal emotions that can be conveyed outwardly. So the next time you feel despondent or somewhat defeated, check your posture and see how it affects your mood.

 Posture Affects Breathing and General Health

The muscles in the abdomen and chest all work to increase lung volume, which is the amount of air that you are able to inhale. Poor posture restricts proper inhalation of air, especially if one is hunched over or slouched. Since breathing is an integral part of living and maintaining good health, it is important to always maintain proper posture at all times. One of the adverse effects of bad breathing is reduced strength in the muscles.

Yoga For Beginners And Posture

Among the important benefits for yoga for beginners is enhancing body postures and instilling confidence. Through the various stretches, bends and poses, you will gain better control of your muscles and build enough strength over time for the muscles to properly support good posture.

Here are some of the recommended yoga poses for improving posture:

  • Lizard Pose
  • Child’s Pose (Balasana)
  • Warrior Pose

If you are a beginner of yoga, it is strongly recommended that you seek the guidance and assistance of a trained yoga instructor to properly execute the right yoga poses. Incorrect execution can increase the risks of injuries, so yoga beginners are encouraged to hire a trained professional. If you don’t have time to enroll and visit a yoga studio, you can consider getting private yoga classes for a one-on-one and comprehensive yoga for beginners program.

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