10 Reasons Why Private Classes Are Ideal For Yoga Beginners

Private Yoga Classes For Beginners In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Private Yoga Classes For BeginnersA lot of people think private yoga classes for beginners are expensive. While it may cost slightly more compared to attending a regular yoga class with 20 or more students, private classes for yoga beginners actually makes a lot of sense, especially for those who are keen on really learning and integrating yoga into their lives.

If you want to start your yoga practice on the right footing, here are some of the great advantages that come with enrolling in private yoga classes for beginners:

Build Proper Foundation

Smaller private yoga classes that are specifically designed for beginners will pave the way to learning the accurate postures and poses from the start, thereby helping you build a better foundation for your yoga practice. It can also significantly aid in developing alertness and awareness on how to move and position your body effectively and safely.

Customized Class

Unlike attending a generic class in a regular yoga studio or practicing at home, private yoga for beginners can be designed to best address your specific goals and needs, with consideration to your body type. Keep in mind that not everyone is meant to perform all those complicated poses that you see featured on the glossy pages of magazines.


Whether or not you have special concerns or conditions, a private yoga instructor can help beginners learn modifications that can make more sense for a specific body. Private lessons can also facilitate in gaining deeper knowledge of body movements as well as in preventing injuries through the introduction of less alignment-focused poses.

Privacy and Convenience

A lot of people complain that they cannot fit in yoga for beginners or any other form of physical activity into the hectic schedule and demanding lifestyle. Whether you prefer to steer clear from crowded gyms and studios, seek a more peaceful environment or follow a more convenient schedule, a private yoga class provides you a perfect solution.

The Best And Most Effective Approach

As you may have already known, yoga is not your typical fitness regimen, as it incorporates the body, mind and spirit approach. Yoga practice for beginners includes a crash course on meditation and it can also be signed to significantly help in stress reduction. Yoga can help in creating that peace of mind as well as building strength and enhancing flexibility. It is also used for developing deeper self awareness and compassion.

Serenity Yoga Malaysia offers private yoga classes for beginners in and around Kuala Lumpur. Please feel free to contact us for inquiries and discover how yoga can enhance your way of living.

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  1. i wanna have private yoga lass one to one . please let me know more. i living at kepong. please call 0123285421

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  3. Hi, I’m interested in private classes. where are they held and what rates? Is the instructor a female or a male?

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