Awaken Your Intuition Through Yoga Meditation

Have you ever felt suddenly tense without never really knowing why? Or maybe you experienced a certain gut feel about something or someone and found out you ought to have paid attention to your instincts all along?

What You Need To Know About Your Intuition

IntuitionYour intuition is your personal roadmap that leads to your inner self. It is known as the deep knowing, that tiny voice that prompts you to check on your sleeping child or call a sick friend, without even knowing why. Every person has an intuition, but most times our lives tend to be overly noisy and busy that we have trouble listening to our inner selves ad quieting the mind.

Through yoga meditation, you will help you be able to get in touch with your intuition and awaken it Here are some important facts you need to know about intuition:

  • The human body sends signals before the mind catches on. This includes subtle increase in blood pressure or heart rate, sweaty palms, tension in the stomach, throat and shoulders.
  • We still have the ability to see with eyes closed. In a number of studies, people who have gone blind brought about by brain damage are still able to navigate an obstacle course.
  • Only a few animals were killed in a tsunami attack that hit the Indian Ocean back in 2004. According to researchers, the animals may have been alerted by ground vibrations or sound waves. Humans too have this ability, but often fail to listen to it due to modern day distractions.

Yoga Meditation

In a 2005 study, people who have engaged and practiced regular yoga meditation have been found to have more gray matter in their brain regions that are associated with body’s sensitivity and sensory processing.

Performing somatic mind and body yoga meditation practice can promote performing physical action in a more mindful manner. This will help increase your ability to stay attuned to your body’s signals.

Awaken Your IntuitionThrough yoga meditation, you will be able to experience image flashes across the inner vision. While this may only last for a split second it can make a difference between life and death.

Yoga meditation will help you to stay better attuned to these images through heightened awareness of your body’s signals, thereby helping you make smarter decisions.

Yoga meditation can also help you practice mindfulness, or the ability to be full conscious attention to whatever you are doing. This is the very consciousness that is attuned to any subtle environmental changes.

Lastly, yoga meditation can also help you build up your intuitive muscle, which will strengthen your intuition. This can help you in so many aspects of daily living, from your regular interaction with other people or figuring out how certain things work.

A lot of people acknowledge the existence of their intuition, and yet only a few people try to develop it. Whether it’s a life and death situation or deciding on an important matter, awakening your intuition can prove to be an invaluable asset and ally in modern day living

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