Yoga And Love

Yoga Practice With Love

Yoga and LoveIn the previous articles, I have written a number of topics on how yoga practice can offer so much more off the mat. If you fully breathing, healing, loving and living yoga, you will discover a more profound meaning of you very existence. In this article, we will explore one facet of human life — love, and how this can be nurtured through regular yoga practice.

The beauty of yoga lies not only in its ability to allow us to nurture a deeper relationship with our inner selves, but also in its unique capacity to renew and nurture our relationship with our partners.  Just like love, yoga practice is an opportunity for us to let things fall into their proper places.

You might call this fate, but experts coin this as the “yes” mind. This is a perspective that allows us to give ourselves and our partners the time and the chance to communicate with each other, and a comfortable space for both of us to relax. It means acknowledging our need for silence and solitude, and accepting that we all have shortcomings and forgiving ourselves when this happens. These are the very same principles and values that inspire us to sustain any  yoga posture, regardless of how difficult it may be.

Finding Your Balance

Even for those who have been doing yoga practice for a considerable length of time, difficulties in sustaining (or even achieving) a posture comes with the territory. As you go through these unsettling sensations, remember to focus your attention on what your whole body is feeling and undergoing. It is very possible that you will lose your balance. To find your balance once again, breathe deeply, focus your thoughts on your uneasiness, and endeavor to regain your equilibrium.

In the same manner, love or being in a committed relationship requires trust and strength to endure hardships and challenges. As in doing yoga practice, there comes a point in your relationship when you will begin to doubt the sincerity of your partner. An esteemed yogi has pointed out that doubting another’s love for us is but natural since it is only human to doubt our happiness.

Nurturing The Connection Through Yoga Practice

Doing yoga as a couple has profound and positive effects on the relationship of the partners. This builds a spiritual connection between the two which serves as  a medium wherein love freely flows between the couple.

As you give your partner the space he or she needs, you are allowing yourselves to be closer to each other. For love to grow, there has to be a modicum of longing between the partners.

Balance is another aspect that is both necessary for yoga and love. When doing the Warrior II yoga asana, for example, the yogi needs to balance himself using his head, two legs, and two arms. To attain the balance, he might need to strengthen my feet’s connection the  ground, or my legs’, and so forth. In a similar manner, nurturing relationships outside of your partner allows you to find the right equilibrium within yourself, which is also good for your relationship as a couple.

Staying Committed

As the years pass by, your relationship as a couple will evolve. Your attitudes toward each other and towards life in general will definitely undergo changes. Through constant yoga practice, couples will find it easier to communicate with each other, and to accept each other’s failures and move on.

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