Understanding How Yoga For Beginners Aids Weight Loss

A Closer Look At Yoga For Beginners

Discover Yoga For BeginnersYoga has become so popular in the United States that we can probably find a training studio in just about every city in the country. We can see everybody, from the celebrities to busy executives to stay-at-home moms, bringing their mats from the studios or even doing their poses in public parks. They are practicing what is called as hatha yoga, or the yoga of poses and physical postures.

Hatha yoga became popular because it enhances flexibility and strength, promotes health and wellness, and reduces weight. It is widely believed that our internal organs benefit from hatha yoga because this leads to weight loss in a gradual and natural manner. The effects are even better if we follow the yogic principles of eating.

However, yoga for beginners can be a bit daunting. Even those who are interested in getting into it are sometimes apprehensive because there is a misconception that it can be quite painful and challenging. Sure, you will not learn yoga in a snap but you will not tear your muscles and break your bones when you are just starting out.

What You  Can Expect From Yoga For Beginners?

It takes some patience and perseverance but yoga for beginners can be fun and exciting if you use tools that can assist you in doing your postures, such as chairs and walls. If you are still unsure whether yoga is for you, here are reasons why you should get into the bandwagon, fast.

  1. The shoulder stand is known to activate the thyroid gland. Also known as the inverted pose, this is easier to pull off than the headstand.
  1.  Enhances the vital force of the gastrointestinal tract. By doing the yoga’s back bending exercises, you strengthen the abdomen and stretch the spinal column, and enhance flexibility and restore alignment. This posture likewise redounds to the benefit of the gastrointestinal tract by stimulating the liver. This assists our digestion and eliminates our cravings for food. We need a healthy gastrointestinal tract, otherwise we will suffer from poor digestion, which is known to lead to weight gain.
  1. Sun salutation improves your internal body heat and enhances your heart rate. The sun salutation is an easy and quick pose. This is a series of poses, with each series consisting of 12 distinct positions. In order to increase your heart rate, you need not sustain your pose. Oftentimes, many do this pose in several series punctuated by short standing pauses in between each series. Alternating the pauses  and the movements pumps our cardio system and prevents putting a strain on our hearts and unnecessary stress on our knees and ankles.
  1. Improved metabolism. One of the well-known benefits of yoga for beginners, and even for non-beginners, is that it helps improve our metabolism because it strengthens our muscles without the need for doing weights.
  1. Flex your colon and free up waste.   The pose called bandhas tones the abdominal area and assists in clearing wastes. It quickly done you can even do this pose while you are stuck in the car during rush hour.
  1. What the corpse pose can do for you. Any hatha yoga session ends with the corpse pose. Though it seems easy to do, this is perhaps one of the most difficult positions because you can only accomplish this by relaxing all your muscles, and placing your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in one line.

When executed well, this allows chi energy into your system which can help heal illnesses and relax your body, ridding you of anxiety and tension.

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