3 Yoga Meditation Roadblocks

Meditation is a very important componentYoga Meditation of any yoga practice. In fact, you cannot fully enjoy the great benefits of yoga without meditation.

However, like any yoga practice, it can be challenging to stick to a routine and squeeze in meditation in your hectic schedule, especially for people who are far too focused on the physical benefits of the yoga practice.

But you are really keen on taking your practice to a whole new level, it is important that you take time to meditate, even for at least 5 minutes a day.

For those who struggle sticking to a routine and find it hard to allocate time to meditate, here are some of the common roadblocks that may be holding you back from fully discovering the power of meditation.

Here are the common reasons why people find it difficult to commit to yoga meditation:

1. Failing To Understanding The Goal Of Yoga Meditation

 A lot of people find it unpleasant to sit in one corner and enjoy some peace and quiet, especially when there are so many things to attend to. Ask yourself how and why  did you decide to practice yoga meditation? Is it a way to overcome stress, anxiety or depression? Keep in mind that learning to meditate is not the ultimate goal here. The aim is to intentionally disrupt the repetitive thoughts in your mind that you unconsciously tie up with the ups and downs of life and focus on your true self.

Through meditation, you are encouraged to observe your thoughts without any judgment. Over time, you will learn to be more aware of your thoughts and to consciously avoid feeding the negativity or spending hours wallowing in misery. Meditation teaches us that it is our the quality of our thoughts that cause use suffering or joy.

In meditation you interrupt the repetitive thoughts that tie you to the ups and downs of life, only to realize that your true self is always just fine. Meditation also tells you to remain even and observant of your thoughts. You’re training yourself not to feed the bears, so that when something comes up in your daily life that is unpleasant, you don’t jump in headfirst and wallow in it for hours. Meditation teaches you that it’s your thoughts and your thoughts alone that cause your suffering.

2. The Belief That The Inability To Clear One’s Mind Means Failure To Meditate

I have come across a lot of  people who feel discourage with yoga meditation because they often fail at clearing their mind or staying focused.  Understand that there ma y be days that you will find it easier to focus and quiet the mind and some days when such feat is almost impossible. That is okay. Instead of trying to hard, simply focus on the thoughts that fleet in and out of your mind. Practice kindness and be kind to yourself. Remember that mastering focus and quieting the mind can take some practice.

3. You Expect Too Much Too Soon

Did you set a bat too high and expected too much from your yoga practice? Sure, there is no question that yoga practice offers innumerable benefits but these can only be achieved over time and through consistent efforts. Yoga is a personal journey, do not compare yourself to other people. Take it slow. If you find it difficult to devote 20 minutes of your time, then allocate at least 5 minutes per day. Over time, if you think you can handle more, then you can slowly your yoga practice.

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