Yoga For Beginners Class To Control Anger

Learn Better Anger Management With Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners To Manage AngerAnger can make us do and say a lot of things. It can push us to act and hurl out words that we are not exactly proud off once the strong emotion has worn off.

Anger is a strong emotion that has a power to break a human spirit, cause physical pain and create irretrievable damage to relationships.

Do you find yourself a victim of mindless, all-consuming anger? Too often, people choose to shrug it off and simply say, ‘It’s normal’, or “You’re only human.”

But what if it gets in the way of living your life to the fullest, prevents you from maintaining meaningful relationships, and affects your day to day function?

Putting Anger Emotion Into Perspective

There are different levels of anger. It can be a form of mild irritation, deep resentment, livid anger and rage. And often, it can be difficult to stay reasonable and rational when in a fit of anger.

But what does this particular emotion trying to tell you? Anger typically arises when an important rule that you have imposed on yourself and in your life has been violated by you or another person. It may be a rightful anger or it can also be a case of misconception.

Instead of answering the need to retaliate, inflict pain or cause insult, shift your focus and identify exactly the real cause of your anger. This is because, the more you focus on your anger, the more you feed on this negative emotion.

Acknowledge that you are angry. Determine the real underlying cause of your anger and put your emotion into better perspective. Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to stop this person from violating my standards?” or “How do I correct the situation without causing pain to this person?” Find a way to communicate effectively what you want, what is important to you and what you expect from the person – all without resorting to inflicting physical, verbal or emotional pain.

Yoga For Beginners Exercise For Managing Anger

Yoga for beginners can be a strong foundation for people who want to attain better control of their emotions. Yoga does not seek to repress negative emotions and teach you to better handle it.

Below is a simple, yet very effective technique you can use to manage anger:

  1. Find a quiet space and lie on your back and close your eyes.
  2. Raise your arms straight towards the ceiling, making a fist with both hands.
  3. Inhale deeply then allow that deep anger free rein to curse through your body.
  4. As your body starts to tense and your fists tightly clenches, bring both hands towards your chest.
  5. Do not control the anger, allow it to flow through you.
  6. With your fists on resting on your chest, exhale forcefully through the mouth. With each breath, consciously release all the anger within you.
  7. Inhale again and raise your arms back towards the ceiling.
  8. Repeat the exercise for 3 to 5 repetitions.
  9. Once you have completed your repetitions, allow your body to relax in a corpse pose for 1 to 3 minutes.

This simple yoga for beginners technique helps you better deal with anger not by repressing it but releasing it effectively without causing pain and hurt to yourself and other person. Through this exercise, you can acknowledge and observe your emotions and thoughts without interference or judgment.

If anger is preventing you from moving on from a hurtful past, you may want to read how you can use yoga to heal from the past.

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