Yoga Meditation For Enhancing Mind Focus

Yoga MeditationIf you really think about it, yoga meditation is simple and yet…for many, it’s not. The challenge of sitting still and not doing anything proves to be highly demanding for all of us so used with living life on the fast lane.

With concerns, issues, tasks occupying and bouncing like an unrestrained ping-pong ball in your mind, slowing down, relaxing and meditating can prove to be overly difficult.

Yoga meditation is more than simply doing nothing and immersing yourself into the deep sense of presence. Yoga meditation involves learning to train the mind and taking control of your thoughts. While most of us have some personal experiences on being in a meditative state, only a few have really “meditated.” With constant practice on yoga meditation, you will be able to meditate anytime you wish, anytime and anywhere.

In the previous articles, I have discussed the benefits and basics of yoga meditation. This time, we will focus more on how you use Yoga meditation to enhance your mind’s ability to focus.

Training Your Mind

Yoga MeditationAs a beginner, your mind will not easily let go of its habit to wander and think whatever it wants to think and whenever it wants to do so. In the earlier stages, think of your own mind like a child that you need to gradually need to teach table manners. Of course, you certainly can’t expect a toddler to conduct his first meal in a quiet and graceful manner, right? Through regular yoga meditation practice, you can repeatedly teach your mind what to do and what it needs to focus on.  Over time, you will find it easier to take better control of your thoughts and how your mind functions.

Learning yoga meditation takes time and constant practice. At times, it can be frustrating and overly challenging. But when you eventually learn to take full reins of your thoughts, you will be better equipped to attain the balance and unification of your mind and body. This will help you recognize your own true nature as well as use your mind to focus on positive thoughts that empower you.

Yoga Meditation Practices For Mind Focus

  • Just Breathe. First, find a comfortable seated position and simply observe your breathing. Try to take notice of your breath’s rhythm, length and texture as each breathe flow in and out of your nostrils. Also notice the pauses in between each breathe. As your thoughts arise, recognize them but simply allow them to float away. Bring your attention to your breathing.
  • Take A Walk. If sitting still is difficult and you are too restless to stay seated, you can perform a walking meditation. This can help you to widen your focus. As you lift your foot, take notice of your body weight shifting from one leg to another. Go slowly as you step forward and try to observe the changes in your body as you move. Notice the different muscles as they contract and relax. Every time your mind wanders off, gently bring back your focus to what your feet is doing.
  • Sky Gazing. Nature can be your powerful ally in yoga meditation. When pressure of work or finances start to overwhelm you, it can be too easy to wallow in the drama of day to day life. Try to enjoy an interrupted view of the several minutes and take in its spaciousness. Allow your thoughts to disappear and reconnect with your sense of presence. After a few minutes, you will notice that you can go back to work rejuvenated and with that renewed sense of focus and vitality.

In the previous article, Yoga Meditation For Busy People I have discussed how you can incorporate yoga meditation in your day to day routine. It is highly recommended to practice yoga on a regular basis to reap its great benefits. After a while, you will be able to harness its power for enhanced performance.

Keep in mind that yoga meditation is a personal journey in itself. It is not as easy at may sound and there is no such thing as overnight successes. It is best to know the common meditation roadblocks and how you can go past theme.

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  1. I’d love to meditate right now… and just gaze at the sky here in the office :).
    Seriously, I’ve been wanting to learn real meditation. I want to be more in control of my thoughts and body. I will practice just breathing, and trying to ban negative thoughts.

    • HI Pepper,
      Yes practice is the key. If you don’t succeed today, there’s always later! 😀

      Thanks for dropping by now!

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