Yoga After A Divorce Or Breakup

DivorceHello everyone.

How are you discovering Yoga and what has it done for you?

Truly, yoga is more than just a fitness program to stay healthy and lose weight. When you allow it, yoga can be so much a part of your lifestyle.


Yoga And Emotional Distress

In the previous articles, we have discussed how yoga can help in stress reduction as well as how yoga meditation and breathing techniques can help you overcome anxiety of modern living. In this article, we will explore how yoga can help people who have gone through some major emotional distress such as a divorce or a bad breakup.

After a divorce or breakup, a lot of people feel a large gaping void in their lives. Whatever age you may be, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces and learn to move on without the person you have shared your life with for a significant number of years. Often, this triggers some adverse impact such as sleeping problems, depression and low self-esteem, among others.

In some ways, yoga can help people better cope with emotional distress. In fact, a number of health experts advise people to take up yoga and learn meditation to best cope with serious emotional turmoil.

How Yoga Can Help You Through Divorce Or Breakup

Yoga For DivorceGoing through a divorce or major breakup requires healing and self0restoration. Yoga can help you in that particular aspect.

Understandably, can cause significant trauma and confusion, for some it can feel like their lives have been shattered beyond redemption. Here are the great benefits of yoga for dealing with major crises:

  • Flexibility. Yoga can help in stretching yourself, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally beyond your perceived limitations. For some people who are dealing with divorce, most have been living in perceived limitations of not capable of trying this and conquering that. Through yoga, you will gradually learn to approach every challenge and opportunity with curiosity, enthusiasm and an open mind.
  • Proper Breathing. After an emotional trauma, people unwittingly carry major sorrow that seems like a shackle that slows one down. With proper breathing techniques, you will be able to learn how you can expel negative energy, thereby calming your mind, soothing your spirit and freeing your body from an emotional burden.
  • Push You Further. A lot of people stick to a relationship thinking they don’t have a choice or they could not live without another person. With yoga, you will be able to push yourself further, beyond what you comprehend you can do, whether on the yoga mat or off it.
  • Balance. For people who are seeking balance after a stressful episode in their lives, yoga can help you attain balance of the mind and body. The practice of yoga goes beyond achieving stability in poses, it also transcends to life in general, helping you attain balance and peace in your life.
  • Acceptance. Dealing with change can be difficult, especially if it involves life-altering changes or if it is unexpected or unwanted. Whether the divorce was brought about by deception, infidelity or other marital issues, yoga can help in accepting the present and coming into terms with its limitations.

You see, yoga if you want it to be, can be so much a part of your life. It is truly more than a fitness routine you can engage in. It is, in every sense of the word, a way of life.

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