Tips To Fortify Your Yoga Practice

Yoga PracticeWhen it comes to enhancing your yoga practice, it is important to keep in mind that we have unique body structures and different flexibility levels.

The great thing about yoga is that, it is not important whether or not you are able to execute a perfect bend or not.

The most important thing about any yoga practice whether it’s for stress, pain or athletic performance is to bring together the body, mind and breath.

To help you strengthen your yoga practice, here are some tips that you may want to keep in mind:

Recognize And Respect Your Body’s Limitations

Are you capable of bringing your nose to touch your knee when performing a standing forward bend? While a lot of people are able to achieve this difficult yoga pose with ease, some cannot. For your yoga practice, you should work around your own capacity and not compare your progress with anyone else.

It is important that you learn to love and respect your body along with its strengths and limitations. The last thing that you want to do is constantly compare yourself with someone on TV or your yoga buddy. In any yoga practice, the rule of the thumb is to execute a pose that is comfortable and stable. Do not overdo or push yourself too hard but make sure to do as much as you can in attaining stability and comfort.

Perform Yoga With Joy

Yoga practice should be performed with a sense of joy and not to be regarded as an unpleasant task that you want to be done and over with. By all means, perform your asanas with a smile. If you are not able to smile, then you may ether be doing it all wrong or overdoing it. Instead of pushing yourself too hard, focus on performing regular yoga practice to improve your strength, flexibility and balance.


In the previous article, I have discussed the importance and benefits of deep breathing exercise. This is important to aid relaxation as well as allow you to maintain proper posture. When performing your asanas, focus on your breathing in order to stretch further.

Respect Your Yoga Practice

Yoga, as you already know is not just your typical fitness exercise. It can provide you a chance to experience a more significant and deeper connection with yourself and with other people. To be able to derive the full benefits of yoga, perform your asanas with respect.


You already have a better understanding about mediation and how it can benefit you and your yoga practice. Use your asanas to help you prepare for meditation, which in turn can help you deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga comes with a number of key benefits in developing the body and mind. However, it should not be used as a substitute for medication but as part of a healthy lifestyle.

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