Breathe Your Way Back To Optimum Health

Discover How Yoga For Beginners Deep Breathing Exercises Can Greatly Benefit You

Deep Breathing For Optimum HealthDeep breathing is one of the fundamental elements you will be introduced to in yoga for beginners practice. In the past, I have provided a number of articles focusing particularly on yoga breathing techniques.

However, aside from performing and going through the motions of deep breathing, I feel there is a need to stress the health benefits and the important role of deep breathing for maintaining health.

Breathing is the very first thing and the last thing we do in life, and yet something that we often take for granted. It goes beyond normal functioning. Why? Keep in mind this important health fact: Whatever human condition or challenge you are facing, whether positive or negative is greatly influenced by breathing in more ways that you can ever imagine.

Important Health Facts On Breathing

  • Various scientific studies have proven that cancer is anaerobic, which means it will not survive in high levels of oxygen.
  • Heart disease and shortness of breath are directly linked. A heart can go into spasm due to deprivation of oxygen.
  • Studies have also shown that there is a significant link between high blood pressure and poor breathing practice.
  • Breathing drives your nervous system. Major emotional issues such as depression and anxiety are linked to breathing, which drives the nervous system out of balance.
  • Breathing helps promote weight loss as it burns calories and fats.
  • Breathing provides 99% of your body’s energy.

Breathing Retraining Through Yoga For Beginners Practice

Yoga Breathing ExercisesThe best way to retrain your breathing effectively is through constant practice. Proper and rejuvenating breaths are ideally best when you are in a relaxed state, which is something that yoga for beginners lessons support.

Through regular deep breathing exercises, you can effectively decrease any shortness of breath and work your way towards attaining vital health.

Here are some tips to help you:

  •  Every time you feel tensed, stressed and short of breath, consciously slow down, relax your entire body and try to simply concentrate on deep breathing.
  • Learn the proper way of breathing when performing yoga poses.
  • While you are walking, inhale deep breathes for every two steps and exhale for every four steps.
  • When you are climbing the stairs, exhale as you step up then inhale and rest for a second before taking the next step.
  • Any pushing or pulling motion should be done when exhaling.
  • Exhale your breath as you move your body from a lying to a sitting position.
  • Exhale as you move from a sitting position to a standing position.

Proper breathing is a gift you can give yourself. Practice the correct way to do it and within one month, you will experience a great difference in your body. While we cannot directly control the development of chronic inflammation, chronic diseases as well as poor immune system, we have full control over your breathing.  It is one of the most important components in creating and maintaining a well-rounded health plan.

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