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Gratitude Yoga - NamasteHave you ever wondered what that hand gesture (as in the image on the left) with palms pressed together and brought towards the heart means?

Ever wondered what the often used word “Namaste” in yoga classes means?

The word “namaste” comes from the combination of two words, “namah” which means “bow” or “salutation”, and “te”, which means “to you”.

Therefore it literally means “salutation to you” or “bowing to you”.

Why do I bring the symbol of salutation or “namaste” up? Well, let me explain and then you can go ahead a watch this short but important video I made after one of my morning “Incantawalks” (where I walk briskly while saying out loud a few really powerful affirmations).

The word and gesture “namaste” actually represents a very deep expression of gratitude and submission. But not submission in a way where you are helpless or weak and are therefore giving up in relation to something or someone bigger than you. Rather, it’s a kind of submission that represents the deep sense of “recognition that you are part of” something larger and more powerful that is inevitably caring for you and all things.

So then, it’s not just gratitude towards another human being. It can also be gratitude to an animal, a plant, to the air you breathe that gives you life or anything else that has given itself to you so that you may experience life the way you do, given you all that you have had, all that you have and all that you will have.

Gratitude is a muscle ALL of us could build more and strengthen. Gratitude is the quickest and most powerful way to get yourself back into a state of faith, certainty, inner peace, love for all things and groundedness.

But like any other muscle, gratitude must be practiced and strengthened if you are to easily shift from the “chaos of daily life and challenges” back to gratitude and serenity…

So for now, get yourself into a state as if you can imagine you’re about to be handed an awesome gift, and watch this short video I’ve made for you…

The Power of Gratitude – Building The Muscle

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