Yoga Practice For Enlightenment

Yoga Enlightenment

Many people choose to practice yoga simply because it feels good. If you will take time to talk to a number of yoga beginners, chances are they have either decided to practice yoga following a recommendation from a friend or family member or they seek a more meaningful way to stay fit. There are also others who are keen on losing those extra pounds through yoga practice or use yoga to rehabilitate from an injury.

Yoga For Enlightenment — Is It Possible?

So what prompted you to start your yoga practice? All the aforementioned reasons provide great foundation, as yoga can deliver a number of invaluable benefits people of any age, background and fitness level can greatly benefit from.

But what about enlightenment? Is it something you seek to achieve from your yoga practice. I bet not. Most people don’t really practice yoga to seek enlightenment or anything beyond the physical benefits it brings. But even if you have not particularly recognized the need for enlightenment, know that it is a gift that you can develop and achieve through regular yoga practice.

What Is Enlightenment?

What does enlightenment mean to you? What does it mean to become enlightened?

Enlightenment is a state of body and mind, which is achieved only through full development of one’s consciousness. Enlightenment also greatly depends on the balanced and harmonious function of every part of the human body, with every thought and action is life supporting and spontaneous. Being enlightened is achieving freedom from the dictates and limitations of one’s self, other people and society and living life with significance. As one great philosopher Immanuel Kant says, “Have courage to use your own reason!

A lot of people seem to share a different notion about enlightenment, which is largely perceived as a supernatural state. But the truth is enlightenment is very possible and something that ordinary individuals like you and me can achieve. In fact, we experience enlightenment in so many ways, such as that flash of cherished childhood memory or that stroke inspiration to write a poem or song. However, more often that not, we fail to sustain that state of enlightenment because of the distractions that come from daily life. In addition, negative perception somehow blocks this natural state.

When you are in the state of enlightenment, your mind is present in the moment. Just like the lyrics of a song flowing through the musician’s mind, all things necessary and important are revealed to you when you are in a natural, enlightened state.

How Does Yoga Practice Develop Enlightenment?

Th regular practice of yoga offers you a chance to temporarily break away from the stresses of day to day living. Through yoga, you are taught to find that quiet center within yourself and disregard the demands and problems of the outside world. Yoga prepares the body to settle down into a state of meditation by quieting and relaxing the mind.

In order to fully develop the gift of enlightenment, it is important that you make the commitment to practice yoga on a daily basis to build that relaxed state and heightened awareness. Through the powerful routine of yoga and meditation, you can become more aware of your emotions and thoughts.

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