Yoga And Deep Breathing Exercise

Deep Breathing Exercise To Help You Breathe In Life

Deep Breathing ExerciseOver the last few weeks, I have gradually introduced you to the different aspects of Yoga, other than the Yoga poses most of us associate the practice with. In the article, Yoga Breathing Techniques, I have discussed to you the basics of deep breathing exercise.


 For this article, I would like to go into greater detail the wonders and benefits of deep breathing exercise, not just as part of Yoga, but also as a healthy addition to day to day living. So how can you breathe your way back to optimum health?

Deep Breathing Exercise As A Real Exercise

Most people find it difficult to commit to regular exercise. Some are able to adapt well to integrating fitness into their daily routine, while many, despite their best intention, fall by the way side, especially when juggling tight schedules and stressful concerns. And since, concerns, problems, issues and deadlines abound in modern life – it can be really challenging to stay committed.

What if I tell you that there is a convenient and easy way to renew your commitment to staying fit, something that comes naturally to you – breathing in deeply and often. Deep breathing exercise promotes a mindful exercise that involves the synchronization of breathing and movement.

Deep Breathing Exercise As A Complement Or Substitute To Medication

In a review and analysis of a number of studies conducted in 2005, Dr. Richard Brown along with Dr. Patricia Gerbarg reported that Yogic deep breathing exercise techniques have been found to be highly effective in handling anxiety, depression and other stress-related disorders, all of which are quite common in modern life.

Learning deep breathing exercise is a perfect adjunct to traditional medical approaches and in fact, in some cases provides a healthier, more effective and safer substitute to medication. Deep breathing exercise is capable of treating a wide variety of psychological disorders, including obesity and eating disorders.

Deep Breathing Exercise To Promote Better Health

Aerobic exercises are generally recommended because of its ability to increase heart rate as well as force the lungs to expel carbon dioxide and breathe in more oxygen. This type of cardiovascular exercise is also effective for increasing heart rate, thereby giving the heart a good workout.

 There is also the fact that constant shallow or chest breathing can construct the lung tissue and the chest over time. This results to the reduction of the oxygen flow as well as delivery in the body. Through deep breathing exercise, the diaphragm is expended along with the air pockets of the lungs. This results to a more effective relaxation response and in massaging the body’s lymphatic system.

Deep Breathing Exercise For Stimulating The Body’s Lymphatic System

For the lymphatic system to properly function, deep breathing exercise is required to serve as a pump, such as the heart serves as the pump of the body’s circulatory system. In order for the cells in the body to survive, it is important to maintain proper supply of oxygen.

We don’t really bother with lymph nodes as it is only often associated with cancer. This is quite surprising given the fact that our body has twice as much lymphatic fluid in comparison to blood. The lymphatic system serves as the sewer of the body, with its lymph vessels serving as the network of drainage system all throughout the body.

Sluggish lymphatic system will prevent you from detoxifying the body properly. And if you are not regularly performing deep breathing exercise, the lymph fluids will not be able to smoothly flow as it should. Over time, this can lead to serious health concerns, which can include high blood pressure, muscle loss, weight gain, inflammation and fatigue.

The good news is you can significantly improve your health and the performance of your lymphatic system through deep breathing exercise on a regular basis. So aside from merely using yoga for stress reduction, you can also use the deep breathing exercise, which is so much a part of yoga practice to maintain a clean and healthy body.

If you are looking for a crash course lesson on proper deep breathing exercises, check out the Yoga Breathing Techniques article.

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  1. I’ve tried Bickram Yoga before and found it to be such a great experience. It’s just a bit hard for me to make it into a lifestyle given my busy schedule 🙁

    • Hi Aileen,
      Try again! 😀 You can learn yoga poses you can do at home.
      Soon we will also be launching podcasts and videos that will guide you through yoga.

  2. This is indeed good news! Just last month, I purchased Yoga and Meditation DVDs. They’re convenient because I get to use them when my schedule permits me to. =)

    • Hi Eunice,

      Any help we can get to practice meditation and yoga poses is great. Please come back soon since we are launching our series of podcast and videos on meditation and yoga.


    • Thanks for dropping by Honney.

      Come back soon for our podcasts and videos that may help you with Yoga and Meditation.

  3. I LOVE yoga! Especially cause my body is still flexible enough to do the advanced moves.XD It’s very relaxing. Great way to release stress and lose weight at the same time! 😉

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