Tips On Attending Yoga Classes For Beginners

Yoga Classes For BeginnersYoga has remained to be a popular fitness regimen for many.  Unlike other programs that have complex guidelines and requirements, yoga practice can be adapted by anyone, of any age.

But while yoga is simple and fuss-free, there are certain guidelines and tips beginners of yoga should keep in mind. With a few easy preparations and recommendations, you can look forward to easing in and enjoying highly rewarding and satisfying yoga for beginners lessons.

 First  Off

 A lot of people seem to share a common assumption that they need to perform complicated poses and turn into human pretzels, just like they see in magazine and videos. While yoga promotes flexibility, yoga classes for beginners focus on simple, easy to perform poses that stretch the muscles and enhance flexibility.

Most of the complicated poses you may come across can only be accomplished after months and even years of practice. For this reason, it is always highly recommended to seek the assistance of a trained and seasoned yoga instructor to help you achieve your fitness goals and design routines that are ideal for your specific level of strength and flexibility.

 No Shoes, Please

 As you may have already known, yoga is practiced with bare feet.  While there is certainly no need for a pedicure to attend a yoga class for beginners, you probably will want to give your feet a thorough cleaning. This is especially important if you have been walking around in closed-toe shoes the entire day.

During a regular yoga class, you will need to spend time using your feet for balance, gripping, spreading as well as distributing your body weight. In order to perform all these effectively, you need to make sure your feet are clean. Avoid putting too much cream or lotion especially right before your yoga classes for beginners, so you will not run the risk of slipping.

Wear any type of shoes you want on your way to your yoga beginners class but make sure to take them off before you enter the yoga room. Majority of yoga studios provide shelves to store shoes.

Proper Clothing

When it comes to performing all the bends, twists and stretches, comfort is the key. Wear something that will stay in place while you perform all kinds of poses. However, make sure not to wear overly tight clothing as it can impede breathing and circulation as well as make it difficult to move around with ease.

There are clothing lines today that are specifically designed for yoga practice. Choose those that are made of cotton or any type of sweat-absorbing microfiber fabric. Women are advised to wear sports bra for maximum comfort.

No Talking

Silence PleaseYoga, as you will observe is a quiet and contemplative activity. Unless absolutely necessary, talking and chatting is discouraged. When attending yoga for beginners class, your instructor will describe every pose and will offer encouragement all throughout as you make the transition from one pose to another. If there are any questions that you may have, you can approach your teacher after class.


Like any type of physical activity, breathing in yoga practice is very important all throughout the moving meditation. As you move and execute every instruction, focus on the sound and cadence of your breathing in order to calm your mind. This is especially helpful when performing more difficult poses.

You see, yoga for beginners may present challenges but there is absolutely nothing to be apprehensive about. If you are not comfortable attending a large class, beginners are encouraged to consider private yoga classes for one on one and customized yoga practice.




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